Online Dating - Does It Work? YES!

Online Dating

I'm sure if you're single you're VERY tired of the club and bar scene by now. And the idea of going on another blind date with someone your friends hooked you up with is equally unexciting, right? I felt the same way. I also used to surf the web looking at all these online dating services and wondering if they really worked? After a few months I said "what the hell" and tried a few...

Does It Work?

I posted a few personals (I should add that I use the adult personals, as I have a healthy libido and enjoy an active sex life) with my picture. Then I browsed the thousands of personals and emailed a few that I thought looked promising. The results? Believe or not I got replys! I soon found out there were THOUSANDS of adults out there looking for companionship. You'll also find that people are not shy about stating what it is they're looking for, many of the ads and responses were quite explicit.


I emailed back and forth with a couple lovely women and then made plans to meet them. Yes, it was a little intimidating at first, but having emailed and talked on the phone with them made things SO much easier than a blind date. We finally met for a lunch near my home was great! It felt like meeting someone you already knew, no weird silences or pauses in the conversation. I had a great time on both dates. And after a few more meetings, I finally settled on one lovely woman and now enjoy an intense relationship with her - all because I took a chance on online dating!

Where Do You Find Adult Personals?

Right here! These are a few of the ones I've tried and would recommend to you. The only tips I would give is to be honest about what you want, your looks, etc, and don't be afraid to get a few rejections. Life's an adventure, now go out and LIVE!!

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